Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You might as well admit it: You're addicted to love.

I can't stop eating chocolate.

Good thing I didn't decide on a "weight loss" resolution.

For a moment, can I blame Target?  I mean, they are the ones that had the *amazing* after- Christmas candy sale! They are the ones that put the Lindt Chocolate Truffles out for %60 off retail. Oh, ladies, it is a problem for me. I mean, they are so. damn. delicious.  Can I blame our biller, Kim? She brought in my Sarris chocolate order today. Chocolate "S'Mores" Candy bars and chocolate covered Oreos. Mmm. Chocolate. Give me more Chocolate. Please.
I don't always stress eat, but when I do...

Didn't help that today was my first day of being a full-time manager. It was kind of, sort of, really awful. I have this stupid chest cold and it was a crazy busy day, on top of which the new girl started in my old position and I had my other (also newer) girl training her. Which was kind of a bad idea on my part because she thought it'd be the best idea to just start throwing information at her. While she was doing this, I started trying to do the tasks of my old job with the tasks of my new job so nothing fell through the cracks. It didn't help that my PT'er (someone who has been with the company longer than me and would have been a great asset to training the new gal) called off sick this morning. So, I started on the early shift at 7:30 and stayed an hour and a half past my end time so that everyone was good to go. I had a few coughing fits in between and I'm completely backlogged on my work. But I'm home.

And I'm eating a lot of chocolate. Yes, it's stress eating.

That being said, I'm just trying to breathe and remember that everything in this life is temporary. Maybe I'll move on sooner than I know. Maybe I'll stay and it'll all work out. Who knows? Let me get all Bible-y on you for a moment-o:

Proverbs 31:25  She is cloaked in dignity and strength, for she laughs without fear of the future.

That is who I want to be- unafraid, ready to take on challenges. Ready to fail, ready to succeed. Ready to be.

Chocolate and all.

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