Monday, November 26, 2012


 Random Survey Thing To Prove That I'm Not Dead and Get Me Back into Blogging.

1. Name four jobs you've had in your life:
~Circulation Desk Attendant, Jennie King Mellon Library
~Sales Associate, Coldwater Creek Outlet Store
~Broadcast Studio Associate, Chatham University
~News Intern, Allied News newspaper

2. Name four movies you would watch over and over:
~Under the Tuscan Sun
~Sleepless in Seattle
~Uncle Buck
~Meet Me in St. Louis

3. Name four places you have lived:
~Louisville, KY
~Westfield, NY
~Slippery Rock, PA
~Alicante, Spain

4. Name four of your favorite foods:
~Mac and Cheese
~Medium Rare Filet Mignon

5. Name four things you always carry with you:
~Pepto Pills

6. Name four places you have been on vacation:
~Corolla, NC
~Keuka Lake, NY
~Niagara Falls, Canada
~Virginia Beach, VA

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