Tuesday, October 23, 2012

and then the toliets backed up.

I have been, as of late, trying to embrace the fact that I have yet to find a job in journalism. Trying to learn everything I can from around me- enjoy the moment- finding the lesson in it all and not taking a day for granted.

It is not easy, and the universe is constantly challenging me.

While I can't get into much detail on here (for fear of being found out/losing my job), I have recently been made aware of the fact that one of my bosses has *logged on to my email* to see what I'm doing/not doing. Fun fact: it's all work stuff and I'm doing it all. On top of that, there have been a barrage of ridiculous requests- often followed up with: "well, if you need any help, please let us know."

That's nice, right?

Yeah, it'd be nice if they weren't in 1. New York City, 2. Spain, and 3. at home with their kids except one or two days a week. Don't offer to help if you can't follow through, and don't add more tasks to your staff when they are left without leadership. The tip of the iceberg was when I heard a bubbling-cauldron noise coming from down the hallway of my office this morning.

"What's that?" I said.

"Oh, that must be the toilet again. Someone had to plunge it earlier. Maybe it's backed up again." shrugged the office new girl that couldn't give a shit if she herself were on fire.

"Perhaps I should go check on it?" I said, this time with a little more anger in my voice.

"Yeah, if you want." she returned to her computer screen.

So, bravely I trekked down the hallway and looked into the staff bathroom. Sure enough, the water in the toilet was up to the rim.

"Shit fuck damnit." I said to myself, looking for the plunger that the aforementioned "Someone" had used earlier in the bathroom.

Problem #1: No plunger.

So, I leaped down some stairs and into the kitchen, where several of my co-workers were chatting while going over the birth log.

"Has anyone seen (Someone)?" I said, with urgency in my voice.

"Someone? Yeah, she's helping with a birth right now. What's wrong?" said my Supervisor, as she rounded the corner.

"Staff bathroom toilet," I panted (after all, I did just run down a flight of stairs) "overflowing. (insert name of apathetic co-worker) said she used the plunger earlier. It's not in that bathroom."

"oh! that bathroom is having an issue, too?" said my favorite nurse.

"What?" I said. More than one bathroom is having an issue and no one seems to give a hoot? I thought...

"Maybe you should call the plumber since (boss who was in New York City) is out of office?" said, what?, my supervisor.

"Oh. Okay...should I plunge the staff toilet in the meantime?" is the question I asked, fearing that the staff bathroom (complete with our laundry hampers and water cooler jugs) would be soaked in shit-water by this point.

"No, just call the plumber on file. This is probably a bigger issue in the building since it's in more than one place." my boss said, pouring herself a cup of coffee like it was Sunday morning brunch.

Flew back up the stairs, thankful for my incredibly long legs that give me my 5-foot-11-inch frame. Pulled out the purple staff listing folder, and looked up "plumber."

Plumber #1:
"This is Karen. How can I help you?"
-Explained situation to Karen.
"Oh, let me check and see if any of our plumbers are available."
-Hold music is Hoobstank's "The Reason."
-"I'm sorry to tell you that we are booked until Friday afternoon."

Get off the phone with her and curse to myself. Decide to call boss who is in New York City and ask him who to call as a back up.

"I'm going to text (my direct supervisor) with a name and a number. You call that."

My supervisor comes in, I tell her what's going on. She rolls her eyes and the backline rings. It's the boss who is in New York City but is actually apparently on a bus on the way back to Pittsburgh. He tells her that he is going to text her the information. She says she already knows and gives me the number/name of another plumber.

I call him and get his secretary.

Plumber #2:
"This is Blahbiddityblah (Can't remember his name), How can I help?"
-Explain situation to blahbiddityblah.
-"I see. Well, let me check with my employees because I know I can't go out there today. Can I give you a call back?"
-wait 15 minutes. If you're doing the math, something like 30-45 minutes has passed on this shituation.
-ring ring.
-"Yeah, none of my guys are good for today. Sorry."

Explain situation to my boss and she explains it to hers.
Given the name of the guy that did our office renovation because "he might know someone."
Call his office.

Plumber #3
"This is (blank). Keith isn't in."
-proceed to explain shituation 2012
"Hmm. Well, I'm no plumber. Let me call mine and call you back."
wait 10 minutes.
-guy calls back
"Yeah, we'll be out in about a half hour."

So, as of 3:30pm (my quitting time), there was still no plumber.

I'm starting to wonder if my humor would have been more effective- if, lets say, I used my normal, colorful language.

Can you imagine if I called a plumber up and said: "Shitter's broke. Come fix it, will ya?"

So, after a couple of really horrid weeks, I'd like to apologize for the lack of content on this blog.  I've just been flat exhausted and have little enthusiasm to write.



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