Monday, June 4, 2012

25th Birthday.

25 goals for this year:

1. Learn how to make Croissants.
2. Apply for jobs in my field, no matter where they are.
3. Clean out my closet and make it more "you're an adult, now"-friendly.
4. Catch up on all of Doctor Who (work harder to not have a mega-crush on Matt Smith)
5. Go to the Doctor
6. Go to the Dentist
7. Go to a Chiropractor
8. Go to a GI (sense the pattern?)
9. Consolidate my photos in to matching/one large frame.
10. Get back into abstract photography
11. Attend more concerts and shows.
12. Get rid of my old makeup.
13. Reconsider advanced schooling.
14. Read more, for fun.
15. Get back into an exercise routine
16. Write at least one poem and one short story a week.
17. Meditate more, and if that doesn't work: see a therapist.
18.  See about getting involved in local choirs or musical theatre.
19.  Start saving money to travel abroad again.
20. Really, really start biting my nails this time.
21. Practice my Spanish more often.
22. Drink less.
23. Take a photo everyday.
24. Attend more festivals
25. Stop sweating the small stuff.

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