Sunday, June 3, 2012

24 Things While Being 24.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so today I would like to reflect on the past year by stating 24 things that happened/that I have learned/that I have done since in the last year. For my birthday, I will post 25 Goals for my 25th year. But that's tomorrow.

Twenty-Four Learned Things in honor of my last day of being 24.

1. Meditate at least twice a week. It makes a difference.
2. You may hate it, but your metabolism is starting to stall and the only way you're going to be a size 6/8 again is if you stop eating junk and start working out.
3. It is easier to be a nicer person, even when you feel like shit.
4. Your family is still your family, even if they say things or do things you disagree with-
5. If you want things to happen, they aren't going to come to you- you're going to have to work towards it.
6. It's not the end of the world if someone doesn't like you.
7. Wear sensible shoes.
8. Keep your living space clean, and your sanity will follow suit.
9. Alcohol might be a fun time, but a hangover just isn't worth it-
10. Sometimes you have to be a tourist in your own hometown just to make things fun again.
11. Don't be afraid to try new things.
12. Pick 5 beauty staples and stick to them. No matter how much the newest, most expensive facewash looks like it will clear off every.single.pimple. It won't- sometimes, you have got to stick to the tried n' true Noxema face cream or Neutrogena Deep Clean.
13. Nobody thinks they look their best in a swimsuit. Even supermodels.
14. Don't stress when people ask you why you haven't had babies or are married yet. That's not their business and they know it as much as you do.
15. It's OK to take yourself on a movie date.
16. That sometimes, a vacation will consist of going to a nerd-convention instead of the beach/spa. And  sometimes, the nerd convention is wayyyy more fun than you can imagine.
17. Singing in your car, even if its yelling and off-key, is the most gratifying experience.
18. That the most joyous noise in the universe is the last push of a woman in labor- the scream, the silence, and the first sound that a human being makes in its arrival. Nothing will give you chills like this.
19. It's OK to take a day off of work if the roads are snowy/icy/generally shitty. Your life and well being are more important than answering a phone.
20. Your underwear does not have to match, and it can still be sexy if it doesn't- true story.
21. There is nothing wrong with being "bad" at video games.
22. There is nothing wrong with asking someone for help.
23. Inanimate things, like cars, are not your life- that getting rid of them does not mean you are getting rid of a piece of yourself.
24. You can still have a relationship with God and not go to church every Sunday. You may feel guilty, but that's only because of social standards. God is not a social standard.

That's a brief list.

xo Cait.

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