Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Summer Must-Haves

So, it's been 80 + degrees (f) for the last week (except today), and summer is on my mind- here are my top-10-must-haves for Summer 2012:

1. Toms
     -Already bought these, they are in the mail, and I am so so so excited.
Toms, in Silver Glitter

2. Sundresses
     -I hate shorts and pants during the summer. Well, I hate shorts year-round, but nothing is worse to me than when it's hot outside and something is clinging to my legs. Solution: sundresses. 
Target's "Kimono" Dress- 19 USD.  I own a couple of these (longer than they look) and they are so. darn. comfy.

   -We should just call this: the part where Cait misses having contact lenses.  I used to have a sunglasses collection, but now I only have one prescription pair. 
Aren't these FABOOSH? love.. them.... only....14USD. 

4. Sunscreen
    -After this weekend's failed attempt at "getting a little sun" and reading some graphic novels up on my apartment building's roof deck, I am reminded at how well my pale, Irish glow can turn into a vicious, lobster RED.  
Anyone else as obsessed as I am with the smell of Water Babies? 

5. Making Frou-Frou, Ice "Adult Beverages."
    -Nothing like an alcoholic slushee on a steamy Saturday to make you feel fan.tas.tic. I plan on trying to make the following pictured drink this summer (spotted on Pinterest!)
Riesling Strawberry Slushies. Need I say more? 

6. Kennywood
    -I live in Pittsburgh and our amusement park is only open a handful of months out of the year (thanks to snow, which ruins everything) and I make it a habit to go at least once a year. I love love love Kennywood. It's a "Yinzer's Paradise." 
The Jack Rabbit, which is the first roller coaster I ever rode. 

     -Another local favorite, I'm sorry for being prone-to-Pittsburgh BUT this is the best Bar-B-Q I've ever. stinkin. had. in. my. life!!!! Every summer, all summer, worth the drive....and it's next door to a beer distributor drive-thru. 
Everything good comes from a little BBQ Stand. Photo Credit: Spicy Food Guy

8. The Outer Banks
    -I get to see my family this year!!! In June, I'm going to the Outer Banks (OBX) for a little fun, sun, and Auntie Cait time. Super stoked.

Credit: Outer Banks Tourism

9. Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade
      -These are perfect for a hot day.
Credit: Minute Maid

10. Pirates Games
      -you can substitute this with whichever team you root for- but nothing is as great as rooting for the home team, hanging out with friends, and enjoying a good game.
View at PNC Park. Photo Credit: Global Pittsburgh

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  1. I need to learn to love sunscreen too. I suck at remembering it. I like the sunglasses and I'm happy for you regarding your new shoes :)