Tuesday, April 3, 2012

While I was gone...

Sorry I took a bit of a break- no comments = no motivation to actually blog. Boo, hiss, sorry.

While I was gone I:

Went to DeeJay's in exotic Weirton, West Virginia. Yes, I live in Pittsburgh but it's not a far drive for: THE MOST DELICIOUS RIBS EVER. NOM.

Look, look! DeeJay's!

Booze was involved; if only because they listed the Strawberry Daquiri as their "Signature Drink." Quite the signature you have, DeeJays.
This is their dessert menu. I don't even have to say anything else because if you don't get why there's a picture of this: you're too young to understand/read my blog. Capiche?

My friend Amy with her exotic Appletini. The bar at DeeJay's really has some unique beverage choices for ladies.

Instagram made my meal look gross, I assure you: it was not. BEST RIBS EVER. No joke- they literally fall. off. the. bone. That, and they came with a double side of Potato Skins. I don't know how they manage it, but they can fine-shred bacon. I love West Virginia.

Then we drove around for a while and came to a dead ass end. Like a for real "we just gave up on making this road" dead end.
So, we parked the car where they told us to stop. 
Approaching the "edge." 
What the what? Straw? I tried taking a picture of the geese that were there just moments before; however, I about ended up shitting myself when they flew off--right in front of my face. 
What it looks like over the edge? Beautiful 
Really, really beautiful. 

So I gave my manfriend a kiss. 
Man and Bridge.

Ended up in Steubenville, Ohio because it advertised itself as "Lovers Lane." It is one of the most Catholic towns in the entire USA. This was their Mall entrance. How generic. 
The trees outside my favorite bar.

So then we traveled to a place called Meyersdale, PA this past weekend for the Pennsylvania Maple Harvest Festival. It was tres small town middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania. Filled with really bad ass old houses that reminded me of Beetlejuice. 
^cool old house.

At the festival, there was a woman doing feather hair extensions. I lost a long running bet. See above product. They didn't say I have to be happy about it. This damn thing is still in my hair because, as she said while putting my feather in my hair: "You'll ned a pair of pliers to get this out of your hair."
well, shit. 
The Meyersdale Lions Club annual Sausage and Pancakes breakfast. Done and done. Mmmmm, real maple syrup. 
Then we ended up in Maryland, but I forgot to take photos there because I was losing. my. mind. 

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