Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Movies

10.  Meet Me in St. Louis
       -This is my "sick-in-bed" movie. Always makes me feel a little better, gives me a good laugh, and a good cry. Did you know the song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" was written for this movie? Also: Judy Garland. Need I say more?

The Boy Next Door- Judy Garland, Meet Me in St. Louis

9. Sleepless in Seattle
     Ultimate chick-flick, I mean, c'mon: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are a dream team for the RomComs.  Plus, as someone who's experienced loss, this movie touches my heart.
It was like....magic.

8. Indiana Jones, Original Trilogy
    Oh man, I do love-love-love-love Henry Jones Junior. <3
I can quote most of these scenes.

7. Back to the Future
    I had the utmost honor of getting to hear Christopher Lloyd speak in the last year. Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies, ever.
oh, this quote used to be my text-tone on an old phone...

6. Star Wars Episodes 4-6
    Don't watch any of the prequels. The original trilogy is just....if you....how do I......listen, it's a pre-requisite that if you want to date me or any of my friends, you have to watch and love Star Wars. Everyone I know that doesn't is a straight up playa-hatin' bitch.
Rob and I like to do this all the time to one another. 

5. Rear Window
   One of the most mind-bending, beautifully composed pieces of film to exist. Period. If you haven't seen Hitchcock's Rear Window, do it. Now.
The only part of the movie I can show you without giving away the plot...

4. It's a Wonderful Life
     Okay, so, I'm a big Jimmy Stewart fan. But this is the only movie to consistently make me cry and have faith in humanity. They show it every year for free at our local theatre and in lieu of paying for tickets, you're encouraged to bring canned/dry goods for a food drive for the local foodbank. Everyone does it and this movie is so fucking beautiful and great and lovely and if you don't like it, you are probably soulless.
Spoiler Alert: This clip may give away the ending to this film. Refrain from watching if you haven't seen it!!! Sidenote: full-length version of this film is available on YouTube for free!!! 
I want to live again, I want to live again!

3. Uncle Buck
    Who wouldn't want John Candy to be their bad-ass Uncle? I love this movie. It makes me laugh out loud, every time, without fail. One of the funniest movies of all time.
He's cookin' our garbage!

2. Stranger than Fiction
     Brilliant writing, great acting, lovely story, FANTASTIC cast. One of my all-time favorites.

1. Under the Tuscan Sun
     My all-time favorite movie. Beautiful cinematography that makes you want to move to Italy and a plot line that you don't really "get" until the very end. The idea that life goes on, even if not in the way you had anticipated. I love this movie. I have it memorized.

This is the middle of the movie. There are no solid youtube clips of this movie. 

What  are some of your favorite movies? 

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