Thursday, April 19, 2012

Did that just happen?

On Tuesdays and Thursday evenings, my boyfriend goes off to do tabletop gaming with his friends. 

On Thursdays, I usually order a small pizza and watch trashy, no good television as a "hooray, we're finally at the end of this week!" celebration. 

Tonight, when the Pizza Guy arrived, the following conversation happened:

Pizza Guy: Did you hear they are making a new show about your apartment? 
Me(while signing the receipt, with a tip): "Oh really? that's interesting. What about the building? (thinking it's like, a WQED thing) What channel?" 
Pizza Guy: "No, not the building, your apartment. you know, the one about apartment 23...."
Me: "Oh, you mean, 'Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23'? Yeah, that's a tad unfortunate for me, isn't it?" 
Pizza Guy: "Yeah." 

Now, I live in an apartment 23 and I have never, ever stiffed this pizza guy in anyway. But, did he just call me a bitch? Also, I am really not digging the fact there's a new show called, "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23." Mainly because I live in Apt 23 and since ABC started airing this show, the jokes have been flying left and right. 

this is the trailer for what ABC had once planned on just calling "Apt 23" and it's now on television as: "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23." 

It does make me laugh, and it is a funny show.....I'm just not digging the whole, strangers-gon-call-me-a-bitch thing. 


  1. That's weird, I haven't heard of the show but I'm surprised a pizza guy would be so bold!

    Did you cross out the tip? haha

    1. No, but I certainly should have!!! I think I was so stunned by his brazenness that I just laughed and said bye!