Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sometimes I wonder, wander, wonder.

So, the milkshake thing.

Yeah, I only had a milkshake for lunch and am fully intending on having a few Woodchuck hard ciders for dinner. Maybe some peanut butter/crackers.

No, it's not some weird, new crash diet. It's more like the story of my stomach, stress and how I hate when I have a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. Lately, there have been a few more of those than I'd care to discuss and they have been wearing me thin and pressing my patience.

Now, my day didn't start off horribly; in fact, I was having a really great day. I got up on time, my stomach and back weren't planning a war against me (for once) and the staff at the Midwife Center all seemed to be in a good mood with an easy schedule. Then commenced the NOB visits (new obstetrical) at 8:00 AM. Or rather, they should have been in and ready to rock, roll and hear baby's first heartbeats by 8.  Now, I had taken calls from both women stating that they were running "5 minutes late." Fine, I said, and explained that if they felt they'd be more than 30 (half of the visit), they would need to reschedule. Both felt OK with that and so I expected both in my door way by 8:05.  Minutes passed, midwives grew anxious and my coffee ran out. It's never a good sign when my coffee runs out.

The first walked in at 8:10, with paperwork and ready to rock n' roll. I put her chart together in 2.5 minutes and all was fine.

Then the second person. The second person calls at 8:23 and says, "I'm on West Liberty Ave in Dormont and my GPS is confusing me." I explain that Dormont is more than 10 minutes away (excluding the 20 you'll probably sit in traffic) and that she would have to reschedule to later today, tomorrow morning or Monday.  Now, in all normal situations, this wouldn't have ruined my day. Frankly, until this point: nothing had ruined my day yet. I was having a good. day. thank. you.

Then this woman goes off on me about my lack of care for her and when I ask if she'd like to reschedule she says: "I'll have to call you back because I'm really pissed at you and about to say things I may regret."

Who says this to a total stranger? Better yet, who says this to a total stranger who has explained the policy to you twice (more than half the appointment = reschedule) and who further explains that at 18 weeks pregnant with no care, we'd really love to give her a full, one-hour appointment to get her caught up with all the necessary information and extra help we can give her.

So she hangs up on me and I fully expect to never here from this person again.

Right? Wrong.

Marches into my office at 10:15 AM (One Hour, Fifteen Minutes late for a One-hour, 8-AM appointment) and throws her paperwork through my window onto the desk at me.  Now, I say to her, "oh, thank you so much for bringing this by, and I would like to reiterate that I am, again, sorry that we have to reschedule you and that you had difficulty finding us today."  At this point, the woman's mother  lurches into my window and goes, "and no. one. had the decency to tell us where to park and I am parked illegally (she was not) out on the street in front. hmmph."

No, really you guys, this young lady's mother hmmphed at me.

I again apologized and explained where our parking lot is, gave her a parking pass. I then turned to the woman who had missed her appointment and said: "do you need to call me back to reschedule today's appointment or would you like to do that now?"

"I will take that one-o-clock that you offered me." she said with an eye roll that leaned so far back I thought they might get stuck there. Luckily, I hadn't already assigned that appointment time to anyone else and moved her appointment in our system. I then noted I was only missing a registration (demographics) form from her and asked her to fill it out before the upcoming appointment. You would have thought I handed her a bomb or a dirty diaper.

This was the trend of my day and has been the trend of my *job* for the last few months. Non-stop "delights" of customer (uh, patient?) service. What stinks is, I do love my job, I love that I get to help women of lower socio-economic status pull themselves together, get the health care they deserve and want, and become more empowered. If there's anything I love in this world, it's the empowerment of women.

But what I don't get is why (aside from the fact that I am not in my chosen field) people are so mean to those in secretarial, administrative positions?  Most of the time, it's not the people that you're yelling at that have caused your problems. A lot of the time it's you that caused the problem or it's someone higher-up whom you'll never meet or even cross paths with in life. So yelling at the person in the front window doesn't prove to be a very effective or polite path.

Has anyone else ever felt this way or been in a position where they were waiting for the next best thing and had to take some BS for a while just to pay the bills?

OH, and another thing:

A local recruiter for one of the major corporations in Pittsburgh contacted me yesterday about a position in *my* field. It would be someone who coordinates all of their publications, advertising and copywriting  while attending trade shows and making an actual living (compared to my current, ramen-noodle living). Unfortunately, the position is only temporary until July 2012 with no option for full-time and she didn't want me to give up my full-time job only to be dropped on my ass come July. Her honesty was thoroughly appreciated; however, it would have been nice to, at the very least, get my foot in the door. So I thanked her very much for being so kind to me (she complimented me multiple times on my resume) and asked her to think of me in the future for similar, full-time positions. Fingers crossed, heart broken. Is this what adult-hood really is, or is it just the economy?

<emo>Looking for comments everyday. Wondering if I'm just talking to the vast empty that is the internet. </emo>

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