Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Scrub Husband

I currently work for a healthcare office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. More specifically, a practice of midwives. An all-ladies (minus our fabulous operations manager) office that sometimes needs a little break from the day-to-day. So many serious things have happened lately, and our numbers have gone up almost double in the 1.5 years I've worked there. A lot of sleep has been lost (of course, to the very great reason of babies-being-born) and I've felt the need to, er, spruce up the office. 

Recently, we received a Scrubs catalogue that quickly became mine once I realized the potential of its male models. Note that we don't wear scrubs,  but I decided to put up- at random- cut outs of who I'm calling "My Scrub Husband" with some loving, supportive captions. Above: "Hey Girl, I heard you were dehydrated so I brought you an IV." Sadly, I was informed by one of our nurses on Friday afternoon that the particular bag he's clutching is for a feeding-tube. No, you don't want that shoved in your arm. Alas, it gave the whole office a good laugh. (Note: I'm Administrative staff, *not* medically trained)

This Scrub Husband is in a classic leaning-against-the-wall pose. I cut him out and put him against the door frame on the inside of our office door. My hope is that when our midwives go to get a client for an appointment, they walk out with a smile on their face. He's saying "Hey Girl, I hear you're having a rough day. You talk. I'll listen." 

Yeah, I know the whole "Hey Girl" thing is kind of over played right now- but this has been so effective so far in getting people to smile and feel better on really busy or bad days. So, my plan is to keep hiding scrub-people around the office at random for a good, unexpected moment. I'm also considering using the Pyramid Collection catalogue because, well, it is gold. 

I'm also considering getting this dress, showing up to work one day this summer wearing it with a thick, tan belt, black sneakers with black socks (sandals are forbidden by OSHA) and doing something pretty great with my hair which will include some type of gold hair-piece decoration. 


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