Monday, January 30, 2012

Adulthood, 1.

This will probably be a series of posts where I detail my journey into true adulthood and try to figure out how to be a "real person." 

I should probably preface this entry by saying: I am a cheapskate. Yes, I buy myself some nice things. Most of them I'll find on eBay and only buy if I can get a decent percentage off- my Keurig? eBay. Uggs (don't judge me)? eBay. Brand new perfume in the packaging? eBay.  I'm not even an eBay aficionado (see: my Mother) but I definitely turn to it when I don't want to pay full buck for a commodity.  

So, now, here I am in my non-profit job that pays a wink over 20k/year with an hourly salary and pretty fantastic benefits. Here I am, broke as hell because you can't expect to make rent, groceries, gas, and sallie mae (there's still that pesky BA in Professional Communications- Print & Broadcast Journalism to pay for, which, if you're reading this and you happen to have a job that's fitting for me: please, please, please contact me. I'll be eternally grateful!) and come out with extra change for car payments/insurance, cellphone bills and other kinds of everything that comes with adult life. 

I should mention that I'm currently driving a 1994 Saturn wagon that my parents bought when I was 7 years old which has 242,784 miles on it to date and a growing transmission issue that I can't quite afford. My parents cover the insurance since, in theory, it *is* their car. I'm also on their cell phone plan because that hasn't changed since college and they are OK with it so long as I don't get a new phone. So here I am with both a car and a phone that I cannot afford to have either die. My phone is fine (except the occasional text message that comes in on my phone 4 hours after the fact, but, I pay very little to stay on my parents' plan). My car, as I said above, has a growing transmission issue.

At least, I think it's the transmission. 

A few weeks ago, I was on an onramp to the Parkway in Pittsburgh and went to accelerate into traffic. It was then my saturn kicked up to 4 RPM and got stuck, maxed out at 55mph. It also started making a very loud, very angry whirring noise. Then it kicked off when I got on the exit ramp about .5 miles down the road. It hasn't done that since, but it has moments where I'll be going up hill or accelerating and it'll "jolt." 

It's time to get a new car and I know this. I am trying very hard to accept that I'll have to pay car payments and insurance. This will probably cost me about $200/month. I know for a lot of people that seems like chump change, but for me it's my weekend activities, a good part of my groceries and just not convenient right now. But I guess that's adulthood, right? Having to make sacrifices just to make it happen and get ahead with things. Eventually, it'll pass and I'll have learned some strange important life lesson from it all, right? 


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