Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's my best friend's birthday today. So I feel like the following is fitting- 

She was married this past fall to her long-time sweetheart on October 1st. I was one of her bridesmaid and often a sounding board for those crazy bride-moments (for instance, that time she bought the laminator because she absolutely needed to make luggage tag seating arrangements. My awesome tag is on my luggage). Along with these moments, Jess and I fell victim to something a lot of 20-somethings get trapped in: the wedding haze. Like, subscribe to the Knot and favorite 800 dresses and rings because you can and because your hormones are all up in your brain yelling stuff like "TULLE. GIVE ME MORE TULLE" and "WHAT COLOR SCHEME DO I USE?" or at least, that's the kind of shit that plays through my mind when I'm 20 pages deep into a-line dresses with a sweetheart neck no lace and nothing over 20k. Did I mention that I am not engaged yet? 

Right, so, when Jess got married she and I subscribed to a Google Reader list called: Wedding Blogs. I got CC'ed into this because when she started talking about ideas, I needed to be on the same page with her in terms of referencing blogs/wedding ideas she had seen. So, now she's been married for almost four months. You think I'd be done and off the wedding blogs, right?


I'm so sick of reading them but I can't stop. There's just so much pretty. So here I am tonight with very little ideas on what to blog on yet, eating a pint (no, not the whole thing) of Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream and watching far too many wedding videos of people I don't know but fuck it I've seen the photos and now I'm on this trip with them. Rooting for them, like I'm a member of their family. But have you ever seen a wedding video so well put together that you end up crying so much that you feel kind of dumb? I have and now I follow that woman's blog. Which, by the way, is one of the more inspiring, make-you-feel-good-about-life better things on the internet.  Check her out here and the wedding video that made me crying openly at work one afternoon. I should say this, I cry at very few things. I cry at surprise proposals, surprise homecomings (but only when it's a little kid that's getting surprised by his/her parent coming home from war and when people do really good/kind things.  I guess I also cry at the occasional seasonal finale of a series. Or you know, the end of "It's a Wonderful Life" because it combines all of the things I love. And I believe that if you don't cry at the end of "It's a Wonderful Life" you probably are heartless or have a tear duct issue. 

More on that all later. 

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